<![CDATA[Traditions Monastiques]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/feeds/ Traditions Monastiques Sun, 20 Sep 2020 09:42:24 +0200 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Beautiful and well made]]> I am very satisfied with this medal. It is large (in comparison with miraculous medals people otherwise wear), but not too large for a man. ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1983-miraculous-medal-sterling-silver-med067-mir.html <![CDATA[Beautiful Medal]]> This is the best rendition of the Miraculous Medal! I give it away to friends!]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/2017-miraculous-medal-silver-coloured-metal-med068-mir.html <![CDATA[Exceeded Our Expectations!]]> The altar cards are exactly as described. The quality of the printing and framing is outstanding. We gave these to our parish priest as a gift and he was ecstatic and loved the quality. We highly recommend the altar cards!]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/catholic-altar-cards-latin-tridentine-extraordinary-mass-for-sale/1148-gold-model-with-large-moulding-can510or73.html <![CDATA[Very Effective]]> Very effective, a must have.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/catholic-medals-st-therese-padre-pio-for-sale-gift/1687-medal-saint-jude-gold-plated-metal-med4032je.html <![CDATA[Powerful]]> The most powerful miraculous medal that exists.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1890-miraculous-medal-metal-med066-mir.html <![CDATA[Trusting st. Joseph to find a promotion, employment for my husband]]> Dear St.Joseph, i have always trusted in you to find employment and i have recommended the novena to you to my friends whom you have not let down, in fact you helped me find the job that i have right now, however dear St. Joseph, i beseech you to find for me a promotion so that i can increase on my resources to take care of the family God has given us, also i beg you to find for my husband a sustainable employment contract so that he can take care of our family just like you took care of the holy family.Pray for Love, Joy, peace and happiness in my family. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen I don't have enough finances to buy this book at the moment, thou i need it so much. I am going to see if i can find it in my local book shops.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/english-christian-catholic-books-shop-prayers-confirmation-gifts/62-glories-saint-joseph-l1103e.html <![CDATA[50mm Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal]]> Yes, the Pichard-Balme is the only medal which looks right to me. Even the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal on the rue du Bac changed their style from this to a terrible modern looking depiction of Our Lady : it's appalling. Many other versions one finds elsewhere today are nowhere near as elegant as this graceful rendering of Our Lady with excellent detail and obvious grace emitted. Thank goodness that Pichard-Balme is still producing these, and the Saint-Joseph de Clairval Monks are making them available ; they are dispatched immediately from the Abbey and arrive surprisingly quickly to anywhere in the U.S. Another aspect extremely important to me is having the inscription which Our Lady requested written in French, rather than in English as only offered by so many other websites. Only the French wording feels correct. This particular size, because it is large [ 2 inches ] and Sterling Silver, has a more powerful spiritual presence. By the way, this medal looks much better in reality than can be seen from the pictures. It also is much heavier than one expects. This 2 inch medal feels strong and solid ; one won't be apt to lose it like the small size, lightweight medals. I attached this medal to my keychains [ now car keys can't get lost ! ]. I even put one of these on the top of my computer to ward off the darkness coming across the internet. ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1831-miraculous-medal-sterling-silver-med065-mir.html <![CDATA[Miraculous Medal 50mm SS]]> I love this Miraculous Medal, Pichard-Balme has the best rendition of the medal ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1831-miraculous-medal-sterling-silver-med065-mir.html <![CDATA[Medallas de San Jose 18MM con cordón ]]> Compra de 25 medallas de San Jose con cordon]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-saint-joseph-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1432-saint-joseph-medal-metal-med3428.html <![CDATA[Very beautiful Miraculous Medal!]]> Pleasantly surprised with the super speedy shipping. Arrived in only 5 days after purchase date, considering the distance on where I currently live (Singapore). The priest is very kind to have the medal blessed as requested. The medal is in matte finish and as described, 18mm top-down oval size (excluding the outer ring). It is a humble yet elegant presentation every time I looked at it, very beautiful! I am very grateful with Traditions Monastiques on making this masterpiece available online and worldwide. The design and details of this Miraculous Medal is following the very original design by Adrien Vachette in 1832, and that's what really captivates me for such design still available today. Been waiting and gathering my strength for years to be able on purchasing a high quality medal to honor and remember the Blessed Virgin Mary as my ever intercessor; so I'm thanking God, Mother Mary and the abbots for providing me a chance in my life to earn this blessed, high quality medal. :) ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1158-med3416.html