<![CDATA[Traditions Monastiques]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/feeds/ Traditions Monastiques Sat, 28 May 2022 00:16:45 +0200 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Such Attention to Detail!]]> +JMJ+ The details on Blessed Mother’s face, hands and even toes are crisp and clear. The back of the medal is every bit as defined & stunning. This is by far Most Beautiful Miraculous Medal I have ever seen. Such craftsmanship!! Thank you, sincerely.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1158-med3416.html <![CDATA[The Glories of Saint Joseph ]]> My mother lent me her copy of this book and I plan to buy a copy for myself as it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I have learnt so much about St Joseph and feel closer to him as a result. Such wonderful stories and inspiring prayers. Such a joy to read. Also to Stella and Zvonko, I know you wrote your reviews in the past but if you still need a copy of this book please say. ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/english-christian-catholic-books-shop-prayers-confirmation-gifts/62-glories-saint-joseph-l1103e.html <![CDATA[médaille st Joseph gold plated 16mm]]> très jolie médaille . St Joseph y est un jeune artisan. Belle qualité de médaille, belle image]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-saint-joseph-for-sale-jewelry-gift/104-saint-joseph-gold-medal-med3422.html <![CDATA[Miraculous Medal 50mm]]> I received my medal this morning, a mere few days after ordering. The matte finish to the medal is beautiful, ensuring easy cleaning. In my view, this is THE finest Miraculous Medal that Catholics can wear. That the inscription is in French is particularly relevant to me. I would like to thank the monks for their prompt and efficient service.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1831-miraculous-medal-sterling-silver-med065-mir.html <![CDATA[Très beau]]> très bonne qualité, très beau crucifix et livré rapidement, béni! merci!]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-crucifixes-crosses-for-sale-confirmation-gifts-jewelry/1978-crucifix-saint-benedict-olive-wood-cx205-beno.html <![CDATA[très enrichissant ]]> Répond parfaitement à mes attentes]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/christian-catholic-french-doctrines-books-for-sale/1204-books-catechisme-eglise-catholique-l9002.html <![CDATA[Beautiful and well made]]> I am very satisfied with this medal. It is large (in comparison with miraculous medals people otherwise wear), but not too large for a man. ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1983-miraculous-medal-sterling-silver-med067-mir.html <![CDATA[Beautiful Medal]]> This is the best rendition of the Miraculous Medal! I give it away to friends!]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/2017-miraculous-medal-silver-coloured-metal-med068-mir.html <![CDATA[Exceeded Our Expectations!]]> The altar cards are exactly as described. The quality of the printing and framing is outstanding. We gave these to our parish priest as a gift and he was ecstatic and loved the quality. We highly recommend the altar cards!]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/catholic-altar-cards-latin-tridentine-extraordinary-mass-for-sale/1148-gold-model-with-large-moulding-can510or73.html <![CDATA[Very Effective]]> Very effective, a must have.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/catholic-medals-st-therese-padre-pio-for-sale-gift/1687-medal-saint-jude-gold-plated-metal-med4032je.html