<![CDATA[Traditions Monastiques]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/feeds/ Traditions Monastiques Thu, 23 Mar 2023 09:17:56 +0100 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Lovely!]]> We are praying a 54-day novena for the conversion of China and an end to Communism, and we do so before this lovely icon - the colors are so pretty! Excellent quality and quick delivery to the US]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/western-icons-virgin-mary-for-sale-art-prints-paintings/1560-religious-icon-our-lady-china.html <![CDATA[Miraculous Pendant ]]> Received. Thank you fr Philippines]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1078-miraculous-medal-med3415.html <![CDATA[Miraculous Pendant Silver]]> Received. Thank you ????]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-for-sale-jewelry-first-holy-communion/1081-miraculous-medal-fl2467t.html <![CDATA[St.Benedict Silver]]> Received. Thank you ????]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-st-benedict-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1163-medal-saint-benedict-med3404.html <![CDATA[Proper Scapular made with wool]]> This Scapular is really beautiful and made properly with a wool. I couldn't be more pleased with it. There are investment prayers sent to be said by the priest with the use of Holy water. Wonderful sacramental to have! Highly recommended. ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/scapulars-fabric-wool-carmel-our-lady-green-brown-purple/1308-saint-michael-archangel-scp2305-mic.html <![CDATA[A true work of beauty!]]> I received this miraculous medal from my husband for my 42nd birthday and words cannot describe how happy I am! The craftsmanship is the best I've ever seen -- the level of detail is impressive and I've never seen any miraculous medal on the market come close to how beautiful and elegant and finely DETAILED this one is. While wearing it, I keep looking down at it, and every time my heart flutters with love and devotion for our Blessed Mother. I know that wearing it for the rest of my life will help me grow closer to our Mother and her Son. I'm so thankful to the monks for offering such a beautiful medal for sale to the faithful. And especially, for blessing it for me before sending it. My husband says this medal is worth every penny; he says, not only is it beautiful, but it was really easy to order and that the shipping was less than a week (we are in the US). Thank you also for the lovely prayer cards! Our family sends love and gratitude to the monks of the Abbaye Saint-Joseph de Clairval, and especially we keep you in our prayers. Merci beaucoup!!]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1158-med3416.html <![CDATA[Exquisite!]]> I do not normally leave reviews but in this case I felt compelled. I bought the 18k gold miraculous medal and could not be happier. It is truly beautiful. Thank you Traditions Monastiques.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1158-med3416.html <![CDATA[Such Attention to Detail!]]> +JMJ+ The details on Blessed Mother’s face, hands and even toes are crisp and clear. The back of the medal is every bit as defined & stunning. This is by far Most Beautiful Miraculous Medal I have ever seen. Such craftsmanship!! Thank you, sincerely.]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-virgin-mary-for-sale-jewelry-gift/1158-med3416.html <![CDATA[The Glories of Saint Joseph ]]> My mother lent me her copy of this book and I plan to buy a copy for myself as it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I have learnt so much about St Joseph and feel closer to him as a result. Such wonderful stories and inspiring prayers. Such a joy to read. Also to Stella and Zvonko, I know you wrote your reviews in the past but if you still need a copy of this book please say. ]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/english-christian-catholic-books-shop-prayers-confirmation-gifts/62-glories-saint-joseph-l1103e.html <![CDATA[médaille st Joseph gold plated 16mm]]> très jolie médaille . St Joseph y est un jeune artisan. Belle qualité de médaille, belle image]]> https://www.traditions-monastiques.com/en/religious-catholic-medals-saint-joseph-for-sale-jewelry-gift/104-saint-joseph-gold-medal-med3422.html