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févr. 28, 2015
Miraculous medal, solid gold - 17 mm
I searched for literally months to find a French Miraculous Medal with a tasteful engraving of Our Lady.

Finally, I found it here !

Many of the medals produced in this era are not as beautiful as She should be depicted. This is by far the most exquisite rendering of Our Lady and the medal most pleasing to the eye.

Then, too, why buy from a jeweler or an internet shopping service when you can give needed support to a vibrant Benedictine monastery ?!
Monks and nuns are the lifeblood of the Church. Why not help them out - ??
In return they will pray for one's intentions, a valuable assistance not possible when one purchases from any secular source.

The Solid Gold medal is worth the extra expense because it is - I believe - MUCH stronger in protecting its wearer against the Devil - and malicious people.
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