• Altar cards "Azure" (L'ensemble des 3 canons)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Canon central)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Canon de l'Evangile)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Canon du Lavabo)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Début du Gloria sur le canon central)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Début du texte sur le canon du Lavabo)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Détail du canon central)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Image du canon central)
  • Altar cards "Azure" (Moulure)
Altar cards "Azure" (L'ensemble des 3 canons)

kanons van altaar "Azuur"

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Description kanons van altaar "Azuur"

The centre altar card contains the following texts :

  • Gloria,
  • Munda Cor meum... et Jube, Domine, benedicere. Dominus sit in corde meo...,
  • Credo,
  • Offertory Prayers,
  • The Words of Consecration,
  • Prayers before Holy Communion,
  • Haec Commictio… Prayer recited when the priest, after breaking the sacred Host, drops a particle of the Host into the chalice.
  • Placeat Sancta Trinitas,

The left altar card when facing the altar (on the Gospel side) contains the beginning of the “Last Gospel”, the Prologue of Saint John.

The right altar cards facing the altar (on the Epistle side) contains two texts :

  • the prayers recited by the priest when he is blessing the water, from which a drop is put into the chalice before offering the wine,
  • The psalm Lavabo inter innocentes manus meas....

The Micro-composition was entirely made by the monks from originals belonging to the Abbey. Special attention was given legibility. Moreover, the monks work also on assembling each board in its frame.
These frames, in solid wood, are extremely light. The pigmented inks used for printing are extremely resistant to daylight. The printed surface is cold-coated with a thin transparent and non-reflecting layer of plastic.

Offered with each set, pasted on cardboard, are: the text of prayers recited by the priest when putting on liturgical vestments.

Datasheet kanons van altaar "Azuur"

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  • Naam van het product

    kanons van altaar "Azuur"

  • Centraal paneel

    55 x 39 cm

  • Zijpanelen

    39 x 29,5 cm

  • Materiaal

    houten lijst met gouden biesje (breedte van de lijst : 3,5 cm)

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