Statues of "Yves le Pape" about the smile of the Virgin Mary for sale

Yves Le Pape defines himself as the sculptor of Marie's smile. when one contemplates the statues of the Virgin Mary, chiseled by Yves Le Pape one is just struck by this joy, peace and sweetness that emerge. The religious statues of Yves Le Pape remind us of the Middle Ages where sensualism had not yet invaded the art of painting,...


The smile of Mary by "Yves le Pape" 

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... sculpture, as in the Renaissance. To better appreciate the artistic and spiritual quality of the religious statues of Yves Le Pape , we invite you to stop at the different images associated with each statue of Yves Le Pape that we sell. This joy and sweetness that emerge from the religious statues sculpted by Yves Le Pape invite us to stay in the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The work of the sculptor Yves Le Pape reminds us that true joy and true peace are still possible here below; the religious statues of Yves Le Pape are like the sign, the hope and the pledge of the endless happiness of the eternal Life promised to the elect. The religious statues of the sculptor Yves Le Pape , on sale on our Christian shop are copies made from castings; they are made of reconstituted stone, they can go outside provided you protect the paint with a waterproof varnish. Who is Yves le Pape? The sculptor Yves le Pape was born in french Brittany in 1926. At 17 he make a self-portrait in white stone; Yves le Pape attends the school of Arts of Tours, and over the years feels called to create religious objects. Yves Le Pape goes to Paris and works for churches and Catholic schools. The success is at the rendezvous especially in 1979 with an exhibition at the Orangery of the Palais du Luxembourg. Then the sculptor Yves Le Pape moved to Tours where he set up an exhibition and continued his creative work of religious sculptures. Yves Le Pape made a statue of Saint Martin, the great bishop of Tours, who was blessed by Pope John Paul II when he came to Touraine. Yves le Pape died in 2016.