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Our religious icons are monastic products made by monks of Saint Joseph de Clairval Abbey in Flavigny. By these icons they provide to catholic people the best of the iconography art of Eastern style like : Oriental, Russian, Orthodox, Greek and Byzantine and the western christian catholic style. These religious icons are made from an art prints...


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Showing 1 - 21 of 665 items
... of a paintings, or a photography, carefully stuck on a plate of wood; the slice can be painted, glided or sandpapered.

The religious icon is a religious item well appreciated as religious gift for first communions, anniversary of patron saint of baptism, baptism, confirmation or other catholic celebrations. Most models of religious icons are available in different sizes. To showcase your icon, several solutions are available: - Wall mounting with a notched hole on the back of the icon (except for formats PRA&PRB). - Exhibition of the icon with an easel: in the category 'Accessories' you will find different types of easel that we offer. For each icon we specify which are the easels that fit. In the large number of religious icons for sale in this shop, over 500 models, It would be surprising if you do not find the one that suits you. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us, we are able to propose new models of religious icons.

Eastern religious icons: Oriental, Russian, Orthodox, Greek and Byzantine

The iconography of the Christian East is famous for the key role it filled in the transmission and expression of the Christian faith, the Greek religious icon is characterized by fidelity to artistic constraints in terms of color and lines, in this category you will find a wide range of religious icons created in the Christian East.

Western religious icons

For this category, the word icon is taken in a broad meaning and means any religious image from the Christian West; these religious icons may represent famous art works, statues or subjects that Christian piety has popularized


Religious icons designed by Mrs Joëlle Dalle

Mrs Joëlle Dalle, a contemporary artist, put her talents at the service of Christian art painting religious icons. The subject of these icons is "The Tenderness of God ". These contemporary icons are available in the category Collection Joëlle Dalle. By achieving these images of the Virgin Mary, the artist, by the desire to evangelize and to honor the Mother of God, has desired "To paint her more present of our time open to all, but especially for small, full of sweetness and inner contemplation... So that the Virgin Mary is present to children in their room, in the heart of the families to be honored, prayed. Mary wants to look after families and fulfill them with grace."(Joëlle Dalle). On its website the page: Meditation Area , the artist reveals her inspiration sources for achieve these religious icons whose freshness and sweetness express the tenderness of God. These icons will help us to find a soul children to whom the Kingdom of Heaven belongs.

Religious icons for children

The religious icon is a gift that will help children to learn to pray. Among our icons, a great number of those designed by Joëlle Dalle are well suited for children. In addition to these icons, there are also those of the Guardian Angel (IC_8020 or IC_647) or of the Child Jesus blessing of Fra Angelico or of the Child Jesus in the tabernacle