Gift for communion, baptism, marriage etc ...

Sometimes we run out of ideas to offer a religious gift, on the occasion of a baptism, a communion or a wedding, or other Christian holiday. To help you in your search for a religious gift, we have collected in this category "religious gift", some religious articles that we thought fit well as a souvenir of a baptism or communion for...



... example. To facilitate your search for religious gift ideas, we have created four subcategories for the following four religious events: baptism, first communion, profession of faith or solemn communion, and marriage. In this way, we hope that the godfather or godmother will easily find a memory of communion for their godson.
On the other hand, it is a good idea to offer a religious gift to fête that return periodically where traditionally we exchange gifts, such as Christmas or the New Year. For these holidays, offer a religious gift is an initiative to encourage to give back, especially on Christmas day, its eminently religious character. After all, is not the event commemorated on Christmas Day the most important event for humanity, the birth of the Son of God made man for our salvation? If for this Christmas day you wish to offer a religious gift directly related to this mystery, just type the word "Christmas" in the search box located in the header of each page of our religious shop.
For the feast of a Patron saint, we do not offer special categories, but you can simply refer to the category that contains all our icons of saints and blessed or the statues of saints.
This list of religious articles grouped in these categories of gifts, is a choice a little arbitrary and it was necessary to be limited. Therefore, if among the different religious items offered as gift ideas, you find nothing that suits you, you can browse the other categories of our religious shop. It would be very surprising that among the variety of religious articles we offer you can not find the appropriate religious gift.
On your side if you have an idea of ​​gifts but you do not really find anything on our religious shop that corresponds to this idea, do not hesitate to contact us, there is likely that we can find from our different suppliers what you want.