Religious themes

The categories on this page include religious articles by theme as the religious theme is popular or the number of religious or monastic products for a specific theme is significant.
These religious themes were classified according to the dignity of the subject represented. Because of this criterion, the order of sort comes naturally: Jesus...



... Christ, the Blessed Virgin, Saint Joseph, the Holy Family, the holy angels and the saints. For the saints we chose an alphabetical order.
This list of religious themes is obviously not exhaustive; we can add other saints and especially themes related to Christian mysteries such as Christmas, Easter, Annunciation, etc ... We are also ready to consider your suggestions. You have probably noticed that we have not put a category "Virgin Mary", but rather words under which the Mother of God is invoked or known (Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, ...). If we had dedicated a single category for all religious objects dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, we would have too many articles in one category and it would be difficult to find what we are looking for.
The religious articles present in these thematic categories are also present in the categories by type of objects, such as icons, statues, medals, etc ...
Thus this thematic classification is a quick way to find religious articles available on our religious shop and corresponding a specific theme.
The interest of this presentation of the religious articles makes possible the visualization on a single page of very different religious objects like medals, statues, books about an identical theme.
It is always possible to search using the area in the header of each page of our religious shop. For example, you can type "sacred heart": a list of religious articles will be displayed. But this way of looking for religious objects is less precise, because you will find religious articles that have a rather distant report to the desired theme or some articles will miss because the key word is not found in the sheet of the religious product.
If in the classification of these religious articles you find errors or omissions (even in the way of writing… sorry for irregularities) do not hesitate to contact us.