Statues and sculptures of Saints

In this category of religious statues dedicated to the saints, you will not find statues of the Blessed Virgin or statues of Saint Joseph, because we have two other categories devoted to these subjects of statues. They are available in the "Statues" menu.
For the statues of saints, it was obviously necessary to make a choice. We have...



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Showing 43 - 63 of 67 items

... retained more popular saints. You can notice the variety of models: polychrome statues, imitation stone or imitation wood. They are all in hydracal unless otherwise indicated. If you are looking for a statue of saints that is not on the list, do not hesitate to contact us; we have the opportunity to have other models. In this category we also put the statues of the Holy Family, even if we already have a category dedicated to the statues of the Holy Family.
It is worth remembering that in the worship of images or statues, our veneration does not address the religious object but goes to the person represented by this object. By honoring a saint, we do not do any injury to God or an act of idolatry. For as the preface of the saints says, in crowning your saints, you are your own gifts that you crown. Holiness is above all things a gift of God, for without grace it is not possible and divine grace precedes us. They are holy because they have been faithful to grace, and they have been faithful to grace because they have prayed so much. St. Alphonsus de Liguori wrote: "Whoever prays is certainly saved, whoever does not pray certainly damns himself. The saints became holy because they prayed a lot. If they had prayed less, they would have been less holy; if they had prayed more, they would have been more holy. "
We are all called to holiness. Holiness is not something extraordinary. One lives holiness primarily in the monotony of everyday life. Holiness is not only about doing good but doing it well. It means doing it with love. Saint John of the Cross tells us that in the evening of our life we ​​will be judged on love, so we may ask ourselves every night: what remains of our days in the sight of God, there remains what has been made by love.