Cross pendants, small crucifixes and neck-crosses

Of the cross pendants or crosses we sell, some are suitable as crosses of communion and others may be worn as religious jewels, such as the crucifix pendant in silver solid or gold-plated; but in the wearing of the cross-pendant, one must above all see a way to testify of our faith.

Cord or chain for a cross neck

Some of our cross-pendants...

Cross pendants 

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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items
... are sold with a little cord. This precision is indicated on the form of each cross-pendant in the 'description' tab. You can still fix them to the neck with a metal chain. For each cross pendant, we indicate the chains or necklaces that are suitable.

Why wear a cross-pendant

It's interesting to think about the reasons for wearing a cross neck. To help us in this reflection, we can start from the way a neck cross can be worn:

Crucifix pendant hidden under the clothes

The neck cross can be put under the clothes so that the pendant cross is invisible to the neighbor's eyes. Such a way of wearing a cross neck may seem ridiculous. But it's perhaps a bit of hasty talking; for if the cross or the crucifix pendant is invisible to men, it is visible to God. Thus this cross of the neck becomes a sign of our love of the Savior between God and us. This pendant crucifix helps us, during the day, to remember the presence of God, to raise our heart to God and to devote to him all our capacity for love.

The cross visible to all

If the cross is made visible to all, then it is a way of openly testifying to one's faith. Christian prudence may sometimes require some discretion and we do not always have the obligation to publicly confess our faith; say if you foresee to cause the laughing stock of people or to give a pretext to ridicule religion (Do not give your pearls to swines). Sometimes it may be legitimate to hide one's faith, but one can never publicly renounce it.

A cross to put oneself under the protection of God

Another reason for wearing a neck cross may be in the desire to put oneself under the protection of God. This reason is particularly true in the wearing of a cross to which is attached a special privilege such as the cross of St. Benedict. In this case it is not necessary that the cross were visibly worn and it is quite understandable that the neck cross were put under the clothes as the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Wearing a neck cross or crucifix pendant can mean our total belonging to Christ through the priesthood or consecrated life. In this case, it should be a minimum that the cross were visible as the complement of the ecclesiastical or religious habit.