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In this category we have grouped the books and booklets we sell for less than 10 euros. These small books can be easily kept in your pocket, to give to the people in search, to the children, to the young people.
Among these booklets we draw your attention to some basic books:

Prayer booklets

The prayer book is available in three...


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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

... different editions. Each prayer book we gave a different title not to confuse: "My prayer book", "Prayer of the Christian", "Little prayer book". These prayer books have been designed in an ideal format that allows you to always have it at hand, in your pocket or at your fingertips. This prayer book can be offered to all and contains the essential prayers that any Catholic should know. These prayer books do not all contain the same prayers. On each product page of the prayer book you will find the details of the prayers found there.
In this regard, it is good to remember this sentence of St. Alphonsus Liguori: "He who prays certainly saves himself, he who does not pray certainly damns himself". This is to say the importance of prayer for every Christian. If you have any difficulty in praying, if you are not very convinced of the need for prayer, you must read this reading of St. Alphonsus "The great means of prayer," available on our religious shop.


Since faith is necessary for salvation, and faith consists, among other things, in believing in Jesus Christ, to his teaching, and to live well in accordance with these truths, a Christian has the grave duty to know his religion. It is in the catechism that you will find all the truths to believe, duties to practice and ways to live in accordance with your faith.
Thus, we propose a little catechism by question and answer and the compendium realized by Cardinal Ratzinger who then approved it as Pope Benedict XVI.