Religious medals of St Therese, St Michael etc

This category brings together religious medals of saints; naturally it was necessary to make a choice among all the medals proposed by the manufacturers; we have decided on the most famous saints and the most requested medals. Currently the number of religious medals available is very modest, but it is called to increase. It will depend on the...


St Therese, Padre Pio 

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

... different requests we receive. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a specific model of religious medal that is not found on our Christian shop.

Religious Medals Models

Currently available saints models are:
- Saint Therese of the Child Jesus
- St. Rita, patroness of desperate causes
- Saint Expedit, patron of important causes that never end
- Saint Jude, invoked for difficult cases and desperate causes
- Saint Anthony of Padua who is prayed to find lost objects
- Saint Michael Archangel, patron of paratroopers and second protector of France
- Saint Guardian Angel
- The Child Jesus of Prague
- Medallion of Saint Padre Pio

Origin of the religious medal

The religious medal is of very ancient use and dates back to the first centuries of the Christian era. It is a Christianization of a pagan practice. In the Roman Empire the use of amulets was widespread. The amulet is an object worn on oneself in a spirit of superstition in order to obtain a benefit or to protect oneself from an evil. The Church, in her wisdom, has Christianized this custom by attributing to these objects another meaning and another function. To stand out from amulets, the name itself has been changed and these small metal discs have been named devotional medals. We wrote an article on our blog about it: Origin of religious medals .

Religious Medal and Superstition

Because the religious medal is a Christianization of a pagan custom, the risk of superstition is still present in the use of the religious medal. Let's never forget that the medal is a sensible sign that refers to a spiritual reality. The protection or grace that is hoped for by the wearing of a religious medal depends on our internal dispositions; it's not something automatic and even less magical.