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The medals of Saint Joseph , which we sale on this religious shop, are French-made. The enlarged photos of each medal will help you to realize the quality, the finesse of the engraving and the care with which these medals of Saint Joseph are made. The medals of Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus are available in different metals: solid gold,...


Saint Joseph 

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

... solid silver, gold plated, gold metal or silver metal. Medals in solid gold, solid silver and plated are authenticated by the regulatory mark visible on the back of the bail. Saint Joseph is represented with the Child Jesus on his left arm and a lily in his left hand, which symbolizes his purity and his role toward Mary, the Mother of God, among others as protector of her virginity. What reasons can we afford to bear or offer a medal of Saint Joseph?
- a medal of Saint Joseph is very suitable for all those who call themselves Joseph. One can be helped to think to ask prayers from his Saint Patron, by carrying such a medal, and thus to better benefit from his protection.
- in the litanies of Saint Joseph, we pray the Saint as the terror of the demons; therefore the wearing of the Medal of St. Joseph is a protection against the assaults of the devil. This does not replace the Saint Benedict medal but these two medals can be worn simultaneously.
- Saint Joseph is perhaps the greatest saint of Paradise after the Blessed Virgin. God, in His wisdom, enriches people with supernatural gifts in proportion to their role in the plan of salvation. But Saint Joseph, as husband of Mary and foster father of the Child Jesus, really played a leading role, even if it was an hidden one. Therefore the power of Saint Joseph must be really great, as the beautiful prayer of Saint Francis de Sales says:

"... O you whose infinite power extends to all our necessities and can make us possible the most impossible things, .. "

The backs of some medals of St. Joseph are virgin or simply have an olive branch in bloom. There is therefore room to engrave, for example, a baptismal date. We do not do engraving.