Western Icons of Jesus-Christ for sale: art prints of paintings

We have gathered in this category all religious icons relating exclusively to Christ the Savior. These religious products can be divided into five themes:

the icons of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The devotion to the Sacred Heart is fairly recent in the church. It is especially from the apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to St....


Jesus Christ 

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Showing 1 - 21 of 35 items

... Margaret Mary, in the seventeenth century, that this devotion spread throughout Christendom. Concerning the representation of the Sacred Heart there is no obligation for any artist to imitate a determined patern. So we have on our religious shop a variety of representations that should satisfy the greatest number.

Icons of Jesus Mercy

In 1931, Saint Faustine was commissioned to realize an icon of Jesus Mercy according to the model that Jesus showed her in a vision. Several paintings more or less close to the vision have been made. On our Christian shop we have put three models the Vilnius icon, the most accurate in regard to the original, the Krakow painting and a third painted icon for the Holy Year of Mercy. For more information about this icon of Jesus Mercy you can consult the cards of these religious products dedicated to this theme accessible here: Jesus-Mercy of Saint Faustina

the faces of Christ in icon

Many of these icons are inspired by the Shroud of Turin. This relic of the Passion is an endless source of inspiration: to reproduce the face of Christ from what the Shroud tells us.

Icons of the Child Jesus

Some icons represent the Child Jesus. This devotion is fairly recent in the Church since it dates from the seventeenth century and was especially popularized by the Child Jesus of Prague. As a rule, the representation of the Child Jesus as a religious icon is very much appreciated as a gift for a communion.

Icons of Jesus: various subjects

When you want to classify religious objects by theme, there are always unclassifiable ones. Among these, we draw your attention to an icon of Good Shepherd.

All icons, except the PRA and PRB formats, have a hole on the back, so they can be attached to the wall. This hole is notched to facilitate its centering. You can also expose it on an easel. In the 'accessories' section you will find the different models that we offer. There is something for all sizes.