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All our religious icons are images carefully glued on solid wood. Great care is taken in the finish.
In this category we have collected all the religious icons that relate to the mysteries of the Catholic faith. The word mystery is a word of Greek origin meaning what is hidden. If we take the word mystery in a strict sense, we have in the...


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... Catholic religion three great mysteries: the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, a God in three Persons, the Mystery of the Incarnation, the union of divine and human natures in the person of the Word, second person of the Holy Trinity and the Mystery of the Redemption, the incarnate Son of God who gives his life for our salvation, satisfies the Father for our sins by the sacrifice of the cross, reconciles us with God the Father and who opens to us the Gates of Paradise.
The word mystery can also be taken in a broad sense: every event in the life of Christ is a mystery because it has both a visible and historical aspect and an invisible, supernatural and eternal aspect. It is in this second sense that we use the word mystery to designate the subject of religious objects in this category. The word mystery applied to the mysteries of the Rosary has the same meaning.
Among the religious icons presented on this page, you will find the twenty mysteries of the Rosary, they come from the icon of the Rosary made by a nun of the abbey Notre-Dame de Fidélité de Jouques .
All religious icons, except the PRA and PRB formats, have a hole on the back, so they can be wall mounted. This hole is notched to facilitate its centering. You can also expose it on an easel. In the 'accessories' section you will find the different models that we offer. There is easel for all sizes.