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In this category we collected religious icons that could not fit into the other categories of icons. Therefore, they form a disparate set, however each icon has its interest. Obviously this word icon applied to these religious articles is to be taken in the broad sense; for some of these religious objects; the word canvas would be better. But...


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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

... to avoid confusions and maintain the consistency of the appellations, we prefer to keep this expression “religious icon” for all religious objects classified in the icon category. Moreover, in an article of our blog, we explain that this expression "religious icon", we take in a broad sense, and not in the restricted sense of the Christian East where religious icon means sacred icon because of the important role that the icon plays in the Eastern liturgy and also because of the way it is performed.
Whether words are taken in a broad sense or in a restricted sense, this is not abnormal because it is related to our way of knowing, but we have to defined in what sense we use a word in order to prevent any equivocation.
The icons in this category should only be religious subjects, as our Christian shop is dedicated to the sale of religious objects. But there is an article, "the gleaners of Millet", which is not a religious subject, even if it reminds us a Biblical episode of the book of Ruth when Ruth the Moabite and Naomie's daughter-in-law, will glean in the field of Boaz, parent of Naomie and grandfather of the holy King David. Has this story of Ruth been the inspiration of the French painter Millet? It seems to us that Ruth's story is in the background of this painting. In any case, it is difficult to consider this painting as a religious icon even if an art critic of the time wrote: "The painting attracts you from a distance by an air of grandeur and serenity. I will almost say that it looks like a religious painting. It is a mistake that it is part of the products for sale on our religious shop. It is quite possible that it will disappear one day from our catalog.
If you think that this category could be enriched by other models of religious subjects, you can contact us.