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The worship of the Virgin Mary takes its routs practically in the origins of Christianity. That is to say that Christian's artist seized it very early as a subject and therefore oeuvres are not lacking. But in this category, you will find only icons of the Virgin Mary from the Western iconographic tradition that has greatly benefited from the...


Virgin Mary 

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Showing 22 - 42 of 45 items

... devotion of the Christian people to the Virgin Mary.
The styles are quite varied. They are not classified according to some characteristics like Virgin with the Child or the Virgin alone. We invite you to scroll down the page to discover the different models; at the end of the list of images, there is a button "Show all"; clicking on it will show all the icons of the Virgin Mary on one page. You will be able to better contemplate them. Among these icons of the Virgin we indicate those which are the most appreciated:
- the icon of Our Lady of the Rosary (ref IC_4023): it represents the twenty mysteries of the Rosary, ideal to put in the domestic oratory for the daily recitation of the rosary in family.
- an icon of the Mother of God with the Infant Jesus (IC_5014): the number of comments shows how much this icon of Mary is very pleasing as a gift of first communion;
- The icon of Our Lady of the Good Council (IC_5012): icon that has a miraculous origin; the Virgin is full of sweetness. In the description of this religious item you can read its story.
- The icon of the coronation of the Virgin Mary (IC_5017): detail of a tapestry that represents a supper full of nobility and simplicity.
- An icon of the Virgin and Child of Fra Angelico (IC_650): the Virgin is represented full of nobility and dignity with a Child Jesus in a royal and divine posture.

If, among these different models of Mary's icons , you do not find what you are looking for, we invite you to consult the category of oriental icons of the Virgin Mary .
All icons, except the PRA and PRB formats, have a hole on the back, so they can be attached to the wall. This hole is notched to facilitate its centering. You can also expose it on an easel. In the 'accessories' section you will find the different models that we offer. There is something for all sizes.