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Devotion to the Holy Family of Nazareth (as such) is fairly recent in the Catholic Church. Today, because of the devilish attacks against the institution of the family which is natural right, this devotion is very topical. On this subject let us remember what Sister Lucy, seer of Fatima, wrote to Bishop Caffara; in essence she said that the attack on the family is Satan's last fight before his defeat. Therefore, it is a fight of great virulence where nothing is spared, a desperate fight in which he puts all his forces into play. To say this is not to exaggerate in the current situation where the family institution is under unprecedented attack.
Nevertheless, Heaven does not abandon us, but it comes to our help in a visible way:
- In the town of l'Iles Bouchard where the Blessed Virgin promised happiness in families who went to pray her.
- more recently, in 1994 and the following years, in Brazil at Itapiranga where Jesus, Mary and Joseph appeared to a mother and her son. St. Joseph asked, in the name of God, the establishment of worship to his very chaste heart. In 2004 Saint Joseph revealed that God sends him from Heaven as protector of the Church and protector of families.
This devotion to the very chaste heart of Saint Joseph shows the importance of chastity for peace to reign in families. The ruin of families is due above all to impurity; So there is a real fight led, all the more terrible as the means of perversions have multiplied: media, internet ...
These apparitions were recognized by the bishop of the place in 2009.
So in family difficulties, let's get used to prayer, especially to family prayer with the holy rosary so many times requested by Heaven.