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In this category we have collected all the religious objects consecrated to Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and putative father of Jesus. Among these items an important place has been given to statues whose models are quite varied. We draw your attention toward two uncommon articles: the scapular of Saint Joseph and the Rosary of Saint Joseph...


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... available in two different models. By browsing this list of religious objects you will be able to realize the variety of the articles proposed. If you do not find what you want do not hesitate to contact us; we have the possibility of adding yet more religious objects dedicated to Saint Joseph.

Saint Joseph is the man of silence. In the Gospels there is no mention of him; he appears discreetly while his role was important and for several decades he lived in the intimacy of Jesus and Mary. These considerations show us to what a great sanctity Saint Joseph must have arrived. We also remember what St. Bernardin of Siena said in one of the homilies that God imparts his gifts according to the greatness of the mission to be accomplished, but St. Joseph had the mission to watch over the Infant Jesus and to provide for the necessities of the Holy family. Was it not the greatest mission that could be entrusted to a man: to have the charge of the Son of God? We understand very well then that Christian piety considers him the greatest saint after the Blessed Virgin and "in rivalry" with St. John the Baptist.
However, his devotion to the Catholic Church is relatively late. It is really necessary to wait until the sixteenth century for this saint to be better known thanks to St. Teresa of Avila, who had great devotion to the husband of Mary and the first Carmel of the reform she founded in Avila, is under the patronage of Saint Joseph.
Since devotion to this great saint has continued to grow; Christian kingdoms chose Saint Joseph as protector. Shrines have been created; there have even been apparitions of Saint Joseph as at Cotignac or at Knock, Ireland, the 21 august 1879.
Blessed Pope Pius IX proclaimed him protector of the Holy Church. In 1989 Saint John Paul II wrote to him an apostolic export Redemptoris Custos.
In our day, the devotion to the most chaste Heart of Joseph is spreading in connection with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
This devotion to the very chaste heart of St. Joseph follows the appearances of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Brazil in Itaparanga, which began in 1994 and were recognized by the local bishop on May 31, 2009.