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Given the importance of devotion to the rosary in Catholic piety, we have included in this category all the religious objects, on sale in our Christian shop, which concern this devotion, so often encouraged by the pontiffs. Let us not forget this warning of St. John Paul II who asked the families to take the rosary in hand!
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Devotion to the rosary 

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... the Rosary is the most holy, the most perfect and the most graceful devotion among the devotions that the Holy Church proposes to her children. To be convinced of this it is enough to remember that the Holy Virgin of Fatima, to ask, at each apparition, to the children the daily recitation of the rosary. One might wonder why she did not ask for daily assistance at Mass. Sister Lucy, one of the seers of Fatima, affirms that this insistence of the Blessed Virgin for the daily recitation of the rosary does not mean that the rosary should be preferred to the mass, but that the daily recitation of the rosary is within the reach of all, because there is not the need of a priest and the submission to his timing, nor the inconvenience of the distance to be covered, which can be a quite legitimate obstacle to attend the Mass.
Sister Lucy, aware of the importance of the request made by the Blessed Virgin, prayed to the Holy Father that the devotion of the rosary, is not only a popular devotion, but becomes a liturgical devotion.
For the daily recitation, a simple rosary is enough, but beauty and art can facilitate this prayer. Therefore, on our Christian shop, we have expanded our offer with rosaries of semi-precious pearls. Such a religious object is very suitable as a gift for a first communion or a profession of faith. It is a gift that the child will keep more easily and later it will help him to resume the recitation of the rosary if he had had the misfortune to stop praying.
If you do not know how to pray the rosary, the leaflet of the Rosary L1205F, both beautiful and practical, is for you; you will find all the practical information to recite the rosary.
If you lack courage or if you are not convinced of the importance of this prayer, we recommend the book of Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort " the secret of the rosary, to convert and save ". After reading it you will have only one desire, it is to recite your Rosary every day if you do not do it already.