• Miraculous medal, solid gold - 18 mm
Miraculous medal, solid gold - 18 mm

Miraculous medal, solid gold - 17 mm

  • Reference: MED072-MIRo

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Material : solid gold 18 carat - 750/1000 - diameter : 17 mm - Weight : 2,51 gr - Manufacturer : Pichard-Balme (FRANCE) (Ref MED072-MIRo)

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Description Miraculous medal, solid gold - 17 mm


Data sheet Miraculous medal, solid gold - 17 mm

  • Old reference


  • Theme

    Miraculous medal

  • Reference


  • Name of the product

    Miraculous medal, solid gold - 17 mm

  • diameter

    17 mm

  • Dimension

    diameter 17 mm

  • Manufacturer

    Pichard-Balme (FRANCE)

  • Material

    solid gold 18 carat - 750/1000

  • Weight

    2,51 gr

Reviews (7) Miraculous medal, solid gold - 17 mm

juil. 1, 2022
A true work of beauty!
I received this miraculous medal from my husband for my 42nd birthday and words cannot describe how happy I am! The craftsmanship is the best I've ever seen -- the level of detail is impressive and I've never seen any miraculous medal on the market come close to how beautiful and elegant and finely DETAILED this one is. While wearing it, I keep looking down at it, and every time my heart flutters with love and devotion for our Blessed Mother. I know that wearing it for the rest of my life will help me grow closer to our Mother and her Son. I'm so thankful to the monks for offering such a beautiful medal for sale to the faithful. And especially, for blessing it for me before sending it. My husband says this medal is worth every penny; he says, not only is it beautiful, but it was really easy to order and that the shipping was less than a week (we are in the US). Thank you also for the lovely prayer cards! Our family sends love and gratitude to the monks of the Abbaye Saint-Joseph de Clairval, and especially we keep you in our prayers. Merci beaucoup!!

juin 24, 2022
I do not normally leave reviews but in this case I felt compelled. I bought the 18k gold miraculous medal and could not be happier. It is truly beautiful. Thank you Traditions Monastiques.

déc. 16, 2021
Such Attention to Detail!
The details on Blessed Mother’s face, hands and even toes are crisp and clear. The back of the medal is every bit as defined & stunning. This is by far Most Beautiful Miraculous Medal I have ever seen. Such craftsmanship!! Thank you, sincerely.

févr. 25, 2019
Very beautiful Miraculous Medal!
Pleasantly surprised with the super speedy shipping. Arrived in only 5 days after purchase date, considering the distance on where I currently live (Singapore).
The priest is very kind to have the medal blessed as requested.

The medal is in matte finish and as described, 18mm top-down oval size (excluding the outer ring). It is a humble yet elegant presentation every time I looked at it, very beautiful! I am very grateful with Traditions Monastiques on making this masterpiece available online and worldwide. The design and details of this Miraculous Medal is following the very original design by Adrien Vachette in 1832, and that's what really captivates me for such design still available today.

Been waiting and gathering my strength for years to be able on purchasing a high quality medal to honor and remember the Blessed Virgin Mary as my ever intercessor; so I'm thanking God, Mother Mary and the abbots for providing me a chance in my life to earn this blessed, high quality medal. :)

mars 16, 2018
The most beautiful Miraculous Medal I've ever seen!
I have just received this medal and I am very happy with it! It truly is massive solid gold medal, but very refined and delicate. And the most important is that the portret of Our Lady is very well made, absolutely beautiful. It is a more traditional portret of Virgin Mary which I appreciate very much. Whoever made this portret, made it with love and devotion.
I wear this medal with a 45 cm chain. I find it to be the best chain size.
The package came very fast. I ordered it on Monday and it came on Friday (I live in Holland).
The medal came in a beautiful jewelry box. I also received a beautiful card with the picture of Our Lord Jesus Christ and also a description and history of the medal on a sheet of paper.
I will treasure this beautiful medal for the rest of my life.
Dear Traditions Monastiques, thank you very much!

août 31, 2016
Very high quality!
I've looked at various websites for an 18k gold Miraculous Medal. I noticed that most of the medals on the market are only 10k or 14k gold. There was only one other online retailer that sold an 18k gold Miraculous Medal. However, I liked the design of this medal better so I purchased this one. I was impressed with the shipping speed to Canada. The monks are also very responsive and were kind enough to bless the medals I purchased before shipping them to me.

févr. 28, 2015
The very best Medal anywhere !
I searched for literally months to find a French Miraculous Medal with a tasteful engraving of Our Lady.

Finally, I found it here !

Many of the medals produced in this era are not as beautiful as She should be depicted. This is by far the most exquisite rendering of Our Lady and the medal most pleasing to the eye.

Then, too, why buy from a jeweler or an internet shopping service when you can give needed support to a vibrant Benedictine monastery ?!
Monks and nuns are the lifeblood of the Church. Why not help them out - ??
In return they will pray for one's intentions, a valuable assistance not possible when one purchases from any secular source.

The Solid Gold medal is worth the extra expense because it is - I believe - MUCH stronger in protecting its wearer against the Devil - and malicious people.
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