• 1 liter plastic bottle for holy water
1 liter plastic bottle for holy water

1 liter plastic bottle for holy water

  • Reference: FLCEB1000

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1 liter plastic bottle for holy water. Material : PVC - Dimension : 250 ml

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Description 1 liter plastic bottle for holy water

In order to avoid any misunderstanding that might lead us to believe that we are selling holy water, this plastic bottle is sold empty. But on your request, at the time of your order, we can fill it with holy water, obviously without any additional cost.
We proceed in this way so that things are clear: in no case do we sell holy water. It is for this reason that the product is called "plastic bottle for holy water" and not "plastic bottle of holy water".


To make the request, you have a comment box at the bottom of the delivery and billing address request page. If you forget to make this request, you can send us a message without delay.

For the blessing of holy water we use the traditional formula that contains two exorcisms one on salt and one on water. Once the exorcisms are over, the salt is thrown into the water in the form of a cross while the priest says the blessing prayer.
For a simple plastic bottle the price may seem high; but in the price, in addition to the bottle and bottle stoper, are included:

- the price of the packaging,
- part of the shipping costs, because shipping the bottle costs more than the package of 5 euros,
- management fees.

The bottle is equipped with a white reducing cap that allows better control of the flow of holy water; this avoids waste or unfortunate accidents. If you find that the holy water does not flow fast enough you can remove it; it is simply sunk into the neck. To remove it do not hesitate to pull.
On the other hand the cap is tamper-proof, that is to say provided with a ring which breaks at the first opening of the bottle. When the bottle is sent full of holy water, it gives you the guarantee that the bottle you receive is a new bottle.
Obviously, when it is sent empty, the cap is not completely screwed.
The material of the bottle is PET plastic; it is a safe material based on petroleum, very robust and offers a very good barrier to UV. PET is a recyclable plastic. Under the bottom of the logo you can notice the logo guaranteeing that it is PET plastic: the number 1 surrounded by a triangle composed of 3 arrows. This figure 1 indicates that it is 100% rewindable

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    1 liter plastic bottle for holy water

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    1 L

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