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Before offering you a gift idea for the profession of faith of a girl or a boy, it is good to say a few words about what is the profession of faith, also improperly called the solemn communion. The profession of faith is not a sacrament but a practice peculiar to France; it is a bit like a rite of passage towards adolescence which takes place...


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... around the age of 13.
Over time, the first communion was postponed at the age of 12 and it was held solemnly in a collective manner hence the name of solemn communion. But from 1910, because of the decree of St. Pius X who advanced the age of communion to the age of discretion, namely, 7 years. The ceremony of solemn communion is maintained, even if it is no longer the first communion which then takes place around the age of seven, which is called private communion. The clergy maintained this solemn communion because it allowed the children to attend the catechism until 12 years ... Gradually, from 1950 - 1960, the solemn communion is directly related to baptism. During this ceremony the child renews his promises of baptism and recites the profession of faith of baptism. Thus, for this ceremony, the boy or the girl wears a white alb which, with the cross and the candle, recalls the baptismal dimension. This change of perspective justified a new name for this rite "profession of faith", but that did not prevent the name of "solemn communion" from perpetuating itself in mentalities.
These few considerations are enlightening to offer you gift ideas for a profession of faith. One can choose a religious article that is related to baptism, or a religious gift related to the central mystery of faith as the Holy Trinity. As another gift idea, religious products related with the practice of faith or that are of a precious help to persevere and progress in his life of faith, such as rosary, meditation. Since the profession of faith roughly corresponds to the beginning of adolescence, a gift idea would be offering a book such as the imitation of Jesus Christ, a catechism or the fundamental works of St. Alphonsus Liguori.