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For a communion gift for a girl or a boy, we naturally come to mind a religious article related to the Holy Eucharist since the first communion and the first visit of Jesus-Host.
Our religious shop offers a wide variety of quality communion gifts for girl or boy. The godparents should easily find a gift as a first communion souvenir. Do not...


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... hesitate to browse our site. this will probably give you other gift ideas.
But for an idea of ​​gifts for a first communion, it is not necessary to choose a religious article that has a direct relationship with the first communion. Thus for other ideas of communion gifts for girls or boys, we can remember the sermon of Cardinal Sarah at the closing mass of the ostension of the holy tunic of Argenteuil on April 10, 2016; he recalled the three pillars on which the Christian life should rest: CRUX - HOSTIA - VIRGO, namely The cross, the host and the Virgin.
Between these three realities, the cross, the Host and the Virgin, the link is quite clear:
- It is by Mary that Jesus came among us, it is thanks to the Fiat of the Virgin Mary, the day of the Annunciation, that the Son of God is made flesh and that he can give himself to us in holy communion. Therefore to honor the Mother is to honor the Son. By offering as a communion gift a statue of the Virgin Mary or an icon of Mary, we recall that this inestimable gift of the Eucharist comes to us through Mary. A rosary is also a communion gift that suits very well.
- The relationship between the cross and the host is also obvious: Jesus gave himself to us on the eve of his passion as a memorial of his redemptive sacrifice: the Eucharist manifests the infinite love of God for men and he there is no greater love than to give one's life for those one loves. Choosing a crucifix or cross for a first communion gift is a good idea.
The gifts we offer, are suitable for both a boy and a girl. When choosing a first communion gift, you can also consider the age of the new communicant. If it's an adult, offering a book is a good idea of ​​communion. On the other hand, the icons of Madame Joëlle Dalle are better suited for the communion of a little boy or a little girl.
The religious articles we offer as a gift of communion are simply ideas; it is quite possible to choose a non-advised religious product according to the new communicant's tastes.