Gift idea for ordination

For a gift idea of ​​ordination, a religious object is self-evident, but it must be taken into account whether it is a diaconal ordination or a priestly ordination. Certain religious products may suit both the new priest and the new deacon; on the other hand some gifts are better suited to one or the other.
With the diaconate, the recipient...


Gift ordination 

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Showing 1 - 21 of 43 items

... enters the clerical state and is required to recite the breviary daily; therefore a gift idea is to offer him the Gregorian Hours, which is a three-volume breviary in Latin and French. As another religious object that might be suitable, you can choose a beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and provide for example a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus when the new deacon will be ordained a priest
For a new priest, given the importance of the Mass, a gift idea directly related to the celebration of the Mass is quite appropriate. For this purpose we have several models of altar's cards (for the extraordinary form of the latin rite of the mass), the golden moldings of which give a sumptuous aspect which is very suitable for the dignity of the liturgy.
Another gift idea is to choose a religious article more directly related to the sanctification of the priest. For this reason, devotion to the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart are two absolutely fundamental practices. In this perspective, a magnificent statue of the Virgin Mary or the Sacred Heart are very suitable religious gifts. If the priesthood requires about seven years of study, the intellectual training is not completed after the seminar. The spiritual reading or lectio divina must be the daily practice and the improvement in theology must continue. To help in this matter, you can offer as a gift one or more works of St. Alphonsus Liguori.
We can not list any religious items that may be suitable for an ordination gift. The best is that you browse the list of religious products selected for you as a gift idea. Of course you can choose as a gift a religious object that is not in this selection that we present.