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A medal of the Virgin with the date of baptism on the back is a very classic baptismal gift. But only one medal is enough for the new baptized person! We offer you other gift ideas for a religious baptism. By baptism we become children of God; the most Holy Trinity takes possession of our soul. The passage of the Red Sea is an image of...


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... baptism; the Christian life is therefore a march towards the promised land, namely, Heaven, our true Fatherland. For this long walk in the desert God had given a guide to Moses, in the person of his Angel. Thus each one of us has a guardian angel who leads us, protects and guards throughout the earthly exile. Offering a religious icon, diptych or religious triptych of the guardian angel is therefore a great gift idea for a baptism. This gift will follow the new baptized throughout his life and remind him of the invisible but continual presence of this guide and protector. Given Mary's maternal role to each baptized person, you can very well offer an icon of Mary, a statue of the Virgin Mary as a baptismal gift. Another gift idea is to offer a religious statue or an icon of the patron saint of the new baptized person.
For a baptismal gift, one must also consider the age of the newly baptized. For an adult, for example, one can offer a rosary or an icon representing the central mystery of the religion of the Catholic faith the mystery of the Holy Trinity.
From the Heart of Christ, pierced by the spear, came out of the water and blood. In this water and in this blood the Tradition of the Church recognizes a symbol of the sacraments. Water represents baptism and the Eucharist is signified by blood. This symbolism gives us a new idea of ​​a gift for the baptism of an adult: a crucifix or the icon of Jesus Mercy on which we see two light rays coming out of the Heart of Jesus. These white and red light rays obviously remind us of this flow caused by the spear.
For an adult baptism we can also choose a gift corresponding to the taste of the new baptized person.