Religious catholic icon diptychs of Jesus-Christ in english

This category includes diptychs consecrated to Christ whose text is in English. This mention of the language is important because some people think they will receive a diptych in French because they have placed the order from the French version of our religious shop. It is not so. What determines the language is the reference of the religious...


Jesus Christ 

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... object and not the language of the pages of our site from which the order was placed.
For diptychs, the language can be determined from the reference as follows: the first digit or the thousands digit is specific to each language. Thus all the religious diptychs whose number is between 3000 and 3999 are diptychs with the text in English. The diptych reference in French has a number less than 1000. When we have reached 999 diptychs in French, this will be a problem; but for the moment it is not yet the case and solving problems that may never arise is not a duty.
From this principle of the numbering of languages, it is possible to find, for some models, the equivalent diptych in French; it is enough to remove the figure of the thousand. Thus the religious diptych D3625 which has a text in English, exists with the same text in French under the reference D625A. You can find it by going to the corresponding category of the French language or by using the search box located in the center of each page of our religious shop. For some models, there is no such correspondence, so the equivalent of the D3638 is the D38A.
 This category dedicated to Christ, does not include diptychs more directly related to a Christian mystery even if Christ is the central character as the Nativity or the Resurrection: there is a category called Christian mysteries that was created for this purpose. BR All our religious diptychs are made in the Abbey. They consist of two boards of cherry wood, carefully prepared and selected. Those with slight defects are set aside. They are fixed together by two golden hinges which ensure the solidity. In this way the religious object can be opened and closed many times without inconvenience.