Religious catholic icon diptychs with a netherlander text

In this category devoted to religious diptychs in the Dutch language, we have added the triptychs of this same language. The reason of this addition is that, unlike the diptychs, almost all the triptychs are composed only of images: a central image in the postcard format and two parts, each half of a postcard. Because the religious triptychs...



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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

... with a text as well as diptychs in the Dutch language, are very few, it has seemed wiser to bring them together in one category rather than having two categories almost empty.
To say that we have diptychs in the Dutch language is not very accurate, because as you can see, the two diptychs are composed of two images without any text. These are the only diptychs without text; for this reason, no language is particularly concerned, but to put them in the category of diptychs in the Dutch language allowed us to point out to our Dutch-speaking visitors the existence of religious diptychs that can be interesting for everybody. If these religious diptychs were only in the French category, they could remain unnoticed from dutch purchaser.
Our religious diptychs are composed of two carefully selected solid wood plates joined by two small golden hinges which ensure an easy and efficient opening and closing without the risk of wear as it could be if there were simple leather bands instead hinges.
These diptychs are good gift ideas for a communion or any other religious feast: the varnished wood, the golden hinges and the brilliance of the images make it a quality gift appreciated by everyone.
The religious diptych easily finds a place on a desk, a bedside table and it is not necessary to have an easel to highlight it. He rests by himself on a flat surface. Small in size, our religious diptych can easily get carried away for traveling.