Diptychs of St Therese of the Child Jesus in english

In this category we have collected the religious diptychs dedicated to St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, whose associated text is in ENGLISH. All these texts are quotations from Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus. These texts have been chosen from the most well-known words or written thoughts of the greatest saint of modern times according to the...


St Therese of Lisieux 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

... word of a pope. All these diptychs with English text also exist in French on the following page: religious diptychs with French text. The choice in French is more important; which is normal because these religious diptychs are made by French monks who live in France.
The presence of diptychs in English on our religious shop is due to the publication of the spiritual letter of the abbey Saint Joseph of Clairval, devoted to the life of the saints. This letter is translated into five languages ​​including English. Several times a year, when sending this letter, we attach an advertising leaflet concerning our religious articles.
The diptychs are mounted on two plates of wood cherry. These plates are themselves sanded and then varnished to finally be fixed on two golden mini-hinges around which they articulate. These hinges ensure longevity for diptychs that can be opened and closed many times.
The religious diptychs are made by the monks at the abbey itself.
Our diptychs are sold in a beautiful transparent box that gives them a crystalline look and enhances the quality of the presentation. They offer a very neat appearance that makes it a popular religious gift.
A diptych may very well be offered for a baptism, a communion, a wedding or other religious events.
This assembly with two hinges gives a great flexibility for the location of the diptych. Just open the diptych, put it on a flat surface and stand alone with great stability. A religious diptych can be very easily carried away while traveling; it is enough to bend it; the two images protect each other and put it in its suitcase between cloths to protect the wood against blows.