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The religious triptych is composed of three panels: a central panel on which is carefully glued an image of the size of a postcard, which is the main subject of the triptych; it is by this subject that the religious triptych is designated. On the two side flaps are pasted two bookmarks as decoration or as a complement to the main subject. The...



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Showing 148 - 161 of 161 items

... side panels are attached to the central panel by gilded metal hinges and nailed to the edge of the panels. This system withstands many closures and openings; this system of fasteners is more resistant than an assembly with leather straps. The material used is varnished oak wood. The triptych is simply put on a table or a dresser, without the need for a support or easel, by slightly tilting the two side flaps. It is always possible to put this religious object fully open on an easel or even fixed to a wall even if it was not designed for such positioning; however, there is no back hole or attachment.
With its small size, it can accompany you on your travels and serve as a small portable oratory at the hotel, on your vacation spot or even in your caravan.
It comes in a nice transparent box that enhances the quality of the presentation and makes it a popular gift as a communion gift for both girl and boy, baptism or birthday.
The subjects that we propose on our Christian shop are very varied; to facilitate your search and your choice, the different triptychs have been classified in five categories:
- in the category "Jesus Christ" you will find the triptychs of Christ Pantocrator, the Sacred Heart, the Child Jesus and Jesus-Mercy
- the category dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
- the category of Christian mysteries: these religious triptychs can help you in the daily recitation of the rosary;
- the category whose subject concerns Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus or her holy parents: Zelie and Louis Martin, also canonized;
- the category which groups the religious triptychs dedicated to the other saints including the Holy Family, Saint Joseph, etc ...