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Among the Marian pilgrimages, Lourdes is one of the busiest and most renowned in the world. It is in the millions that pilgrims come each year to the Grotto of Massabielle to pray to Our Lady, to ask for the healing of body and soul.
It is therefore normal to have on our Christian shop a category devoted to religious objects related to Our...


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... Lady of Lourdes even if they are not very numerous.
In this category dedicated to religious objects relating to Our Lady of Lourdes, we also put the products that concern Saint Bernadette Soubirous, the seer of Lourdes; it is a questionable choice, but it is justified to the extent that Saint Bernadette is inseparable from Lourdes, and one can hardly separate Mother from daughter. On the other hand, as this category contains few religious objects it does neither choke the visibility of religious articles directly concerning Our Lady of Lourdes nor the visibility of religious objects with the subject of Saint Bernadette.
It is interesting to recall that in the divine plan, as far as one can see it, Lourdes should probably not have seen her visit if the men had been faithful to the wishes that the Blessed Virgin had manifested when she appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré at the rue du Bac, a place worldwide known as "the chapel of the miraculous medal".
According to the seer, Saint Catherine Labouré, the Blessed Virgin, in one of the appearances had asked her to transmit to the superiors her will that the chapel of the rue du Bac were opened to the public so that the faithful come there to pray and receive graces of choice. Unfortunately the superiors did not want to listen to the Blessed Virgin, the chapel remained closed and Our Lady went elsewhere.
After all, we are winners, because instead of having a single place of Marian apparitions, we have two and world famous. Moreover, it is difficult to see Paris welcoming millions of visitors or additional pilgrims a year. By creating a second place of apparitions, the Blessed Virgin has solved important logistical problems: it was definitly easier to create in an uninhabited place a whole infrastructure for a new sanctuary so attractive as Lourdes.