• The Glories of Saint Joseph
The Glories of Saint Joseph

'The Glories of Saint Joseph'

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Description 'The Glories of Saint Joseph'

This collection of the most beautiful texts composed by saints and other holy authors about St. Joseph, Guardian and Head of the Holy Family, will help you to learn more about the powerful intercession and the glories of this heavenly patron whom the Holy Catholic Church delights in calling her Universal Protector.
Discover in this work a series of considerations about St. Joseph for each day of the month, accompanied by stories of favors obtained through his intercession. Here you will find practical pointers and prayers for each day, which will be a great help for your progress in the spiritual life.

St. Joseph is the descendant of David whom God chose as a husband for Mary and as a putative father for the Infant Jesus. Assuring a husband for the Virgin Mother God preserved the honor of Mary while keeping secret the virginal conception of Mary. Saint Joseph also had the role of supporting the material need of the Holy Family by his work as a carpenter. For this reason as well he is called the Foster Father of the Infant Jesus.The blessed Virgin Mary herself put it merely: "Your Father and I were seeking you" (Lc 2, 48). In the Old Testament, Patriarch Joseph, son of Jacob, is an image of St. Joseph, the husband of Mary.
Devotion to Saint Joseph is fairly recent in the Catholic Church. Saint Francis de Sales had a great devotion to this great saint, but we owe the development of this devotion for a great deal to Saint Teresa of Avila.
"I took as my lawyer and patron the glorious Saint Joseph, and I strongly recommended me to him, and his assistance procured me more goods than I could ask of him, and I do not remember ever having made a petition to him that he had not answered. This is a marvelous thing to think at: the innumerable and wonderful graces which God have favored me through his intercession. The others saints seem to have received from God the power to assist us in a special necessity, but this glorious saint, I know by experience, assists us in all our needs. " (Saint Teresa of Avila)

To help you in your devotion to Saint Joseph, you will find on our site:
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All our religious items concerning Saint Joseph were collected on the page accessible from the menu "Religious Themes" or from the following link: Religious articles about Saint Joseph

This book is available in epub electronic format at the following link:
Saint Joseph, Spouse of Mary.

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    The Glories of Saint Joseph

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    Quality paperback - 256 pages - Layout 8" x 5" - Eight prints

Reviews (3) 'The Glories of Saint Joseph'

juil. 18, 2021
The Glories of Saint Joseph
My mother lent me her copy of this book and I plan to buy a copy for myself as it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I have learnt so much about St Joseph and feel closer to him as a result. Such wonderful stories and inspiring prayers. Such a joy to read.

Also to Stella and Zvonko, I know you wrote your reviews in the past but if you still need a copy of this book please say.

août 7, 2019
Trusting st. Joseph to find a promotion, employment for my husband
Dear St.Joseph, i have always trusted in you to find employment and i have recommended the novena to you to my friends whom you have not let down, in fact you helped me find the job that i have right now, however dear St. Joseph, i beseech you to find for me a promotion so that i can increase on my resources to take care of the family God has given us, also i beg you to find for my husband a sustainable employment contract so that he can take care of our family just like you took care of the holy family.Pray for Love, Joy, peace and happiness in my family. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen

I don't have enough finances to buy this book at the moment, thou i need it so much. I am going to see if i can find it in my local book shops.

oct. 18, 2016
a humble plea for help
To whom it may concern!
I am writing you from Croatia. Right now I am in a mental hospital due to my depression. Furthermore I lost my job, so I am devoid of any money. May I be so free to ask you to send me a prayer book to St Joseph? It will help me to my condition. Unfortunately I dont have any money to pay, you, so I am relying to your generosity.
Thank you very much beforehand,

Zvonko Radikovic
3. Odjel
Psihijatrijska bolnica 'Sveti Ivan'
Jankomir 11
10 000 Zagreb
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