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St. Rita of Cascia is a very popular saint even today. So we gathered on one page of our Christian shop all the religious objects that concern this saint. Its popularity comes from the fact that St. Rita of Cascia is recognized as the saint of impossible causes. We have indicated on the card of the icon IC_8001 the reason of this patronage: ...


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... worship of St. Rita de Cascia .
It is said by legend that she was unhappy in marriage, but the latest hagiographic research contradicts this fact, as evidenced by the life of Saint Rita of Cascia written by Yves Chiron. If you want more details about the life of St. Rita of Cascia, we invite you to consult the following products:
religious triptych TRT106B and religious triptych TRT106C /em

In the iconography dedicated to Saint Rita, we often find the same symbols that refer to episodes in the life of Saint Rita:

A red mark on the forehead of Saint Rita recalls the injury caused by a thorn of the spine crown. To my knowledge, she is the only saint who has had this type of visible stigma. For this mark on the forehead to be well understood, an angel is represented who wears a crown of thorns above the head of St. Rita.
This stigma came as she meditated on the Savior's Passion; for this reason Saint Rita is often represented with a crucifix in her hands. For more details about this stigma, we invite you to consult the product sheet the IC_8022df icon: the stigma of St. Rita /​​em .
Another characteristic element is the representation of roses at his feet or in his hands. This is reminiscent of the miracle of roses picked in winter. We have told this supernatural fact for this icon of Saint Rita: The miracle of the Roses of Saint Rita /​​em . This miracle illustrates why St. Rita is considered as the saint of impossible causes.

Sometimes these two elements, the wound and the roses are found on the same representation of Saint Rita.