• Virgin of the Consolata - Turin
Virgin of the Consolata - Turin

'Virgin of the Consolata - Turin'

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Central pannel : Virgin of the Consolata - Lateral pannels : Floral design (Ref TRT77)

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Description 'Virgin of the Consolata - Turin'

The icon of the Virgin of Consolation which has been chosen as the central image of this religious triptych is a miraculous icon that is currently in the Consolata Church in Turin.
This icon of the Virgin of the Consolata was discovered at the very place where she is venerated in Turin today, by a blind young shepherd who came from Briançon (a french mountain town) following a vision; this happened in 1104. He was miraculously healed by this icon of the Virgin, who, as a result, was recognized as such. A sanctuary was built to welcome and venerate this miraculous icon. The faithful went there in crowds and in return received many graces and benefits. Those graces bring its popularity to the icon which is currently on the main altar of the sanctuary dating from the fifteenth century. this icon is a copy of the icon of the Madonna,(salus populi romani) salvation of the Roman people which is currently in Rome in the Church of St. Mary of the People.
Our Lady of the Consolata is the patron saint of the city of Turin.
This venerable and ancient icon of the Virgin is remarkable for the softness of the face and the depth of the gaze. The gold border around the face gives an appearance of nobility and royal dignity.
Consolata can be taken in the sense of comforted, consolation or consoler. The Virgin was at the foot of the cross offering herself with her Son for the salvation of the world. Thus, on Good Friday, the Blessed Virgin was in deep mourning, in an ocean of suffering. She was comforted by the resurrection of her Son, which took place on the third day and first appeared to her. The Gospels do not speak of the appearance of Jesus to his holy Mother; but it is quite evident that before showing himself to the holy women and to the apostles as the Gospels report, he showed himself risen and glorious to his holy Mother. it is so obvious that it is not necessary to say it, and the holy Tradition always believed it so. The Blessed Virgin thus consoled can play the role of consoler with her adopted children who are still pilgrims in this valley of tears.

Data sheet 'Virgin of the Consolata - Turin'

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    Triptych of the Virgin of the Consolata - Turin with Floral design

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    open : 22 cm x 15 cm closed : 11,5 cm x 15 cm

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    Traditions Monastiques (FRANCE)

  • Central pannel

    Icon of the Virgin of the Consolata - Turin

  • Lateral pannels

    Floral design

  • Material

    oak wood

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