• Crucifix - 38 cm - light wood
Crucifix - 38 cm - light wood New

Crucifix - 38 cm - light wood

  • Reference: CRUX11

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Height : 25 cm (Christ), 38 cm (the Cross) - Material : plaster polyester (Christ), wood of fir tree (the Cross) (Ref CRUX11)

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Description Crucifix - 38 cm - light wood

For this magnificent crucifix, the artist chose to represent Christ asleep in the sleep of death. The gentle and calm face contrasts with the terrible sufferings of his passion; but all does not end with death, Christ is waiting for his own resurrection, which will take place on the third day by the power of his own divinity as he had announced to his disciples.
This Christ reminds us of this word of St. Paul: "all the sufferings of this world are nothing compared to the glory that awaits us".

The beauty of this crucifix should not make us forget that crucifixion is a very cruel torture, the most cruel of all, according to the pagan authors. The venerable Catherine Hemmerich, in her revelations, describes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in a very striking way.
After attaching an arm to one of the cross uprights by a nail in the hand, the executioners realized that to fix the second hand the hole was too far. So they hung a rope on the wrist of Christ and pulled on the arm while arching on the timber of the cross. Then the joints broke up, crunches were heard and the executioners were able to nail the second hand. The legs curled up and were folded over the chest. The executioners had to pull with a rope to lengthen the legs, causing excruciating pain in the arms, hands ...
We can be shocked by such barbarism, but what humanity experienced in the twentieth century shows that this is not surprising: when man is far from God, all horrors are possible ...
But beyond these intolerable sufferings, let us stop for an instant on Christ, for he voluntarily went to his Passion, out of love for his Father and for our salvation. Jesus accepted to suffer such torments in order to manifest his love for us. Behind this ocean of pain lies an infinite ocean of love. Suffering as such has no value of redemption; it is love that saves, but accepted suffering proves and manifests that love. Seeing what Christ has suffered for me, what will I do for Him?

Data sheet Crucifix - 38 cm - light wood

  • Reference


  • Theme

    Cross with christ

  • Name of the product

    Crucifix - 38 cm - light wood

  • height

    38 cm

  • Dimension

    25 cm (Christ), 38 cm (the Cross), 23 cm (width)

  • Material

    plaster polyester (Christ), wood of fir tree (the Cross)

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