• Christ Source of life
Christ Source of life

Christ Source of life

  • Reference: D45A

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Left pannel : Icon of Christ the Saviour, source of life - Right pannel : Prayer to God, source of blessing (Ref D45A)

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Description Christ Source of life

The left panel represents an icon of Christ the Savior and Source of Life. This icon, which dates to 1394, is remarkable for its state of conservation. We can thus contemplate all the theological richness of this icon of the Savior. Symbolism, faithful to the iconographic tradition, invites us to recognize in Jesus Christ the Incarnate Son of God, and the union of the two human and divine natures in the person of the Word of God, second person of the Holy Trinity. This dogma of our faith is symbolized by the right hand of Christ who blesses us and by the cruciferous halo around the head of the Savior. About the meaning of these symbols you will find more details on the description of the following religious objects:
- Religious triptych TRT7
religious icon IC_110

Originally this icon was in the Zrze Transfiguration monastery in Macedonia; it was part of the iconostasis. Today it is in the Macedonian Museum in Kopje, the capital of this country. For the monastery of Zrze a copy of this icon was made.

Opposite this religious icon of Christ the Savior, that is on the right panel, we have a text which is a prayer of request addressed to Christ. We ask him to bless the home with peace and joy. So you can place this diptych in your house in a place of honor in order to attract to you and your family the blessing, the joy and the peace of God.
This prayer is in harmony with this icon of Christ the Savior and Source of Life, for it is from Him that all blessings come, true peace and true joy. If you want your home to be a true place of peace and joy, each member of it must live inwardly of the supernatural life. This life comes to us from Christ who came to earth to give us life in abundance. If God's grace is really in us, peace and joy will consequently reflect on others.

Quotation :

daignez habiter
cette maison
accordez à qui entre
votre joie
à qui demeure
votre paix
à qui s'en va
votre bénédiction

Data sheet Christ Source of life

  • Reference


  • Name of the product

    Christ Source of life

  • Dimension

    open : 22 cm x 15 cm closed : 10,7 cm x 15 cm

  • Date

    1393 - 1394

  • Manufacturer

    Traditions Monastiques (FRANCE)

  • Right pannel

    Prayer to God, source of blessing

  • Left pannel

    Icon of Christ the Saviour, source of life

  • Material

    wild cherry wood

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