• The Guardian angel
The Guardian angel

Diptych of The Guardian angel at the Bridge

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Left pannel : Icon of the Guardian angel - Right pannel : une prière à The Guardian angel (Ref D157A)

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Description Diptych of The Guardian angel at the Bridge

This diptych represents on one side the Guardian Angel in the form of a winged beautiful figure leading a small child along a bridge. This bridge come across a waterfall which is the symbol of both the spiritual and temporal dangers which we meet in our life. The role of the Guardian Angel is to help us overcome all of these dangers so that we reach the Kingdom of Heaven after our death. In the icons of the Guardian Angel, the representation of man in the form of children guided by a winged figure is classic. The tender age means that compared to the angels we are children, so much they exceed us by their purely spiritual nature. This superiority of the angelic nature must prompt us to put ourselves under the protection of our Guardian Angel.
Since the Guardian Angel is a pure spirit, he is a person; so we can establish a very special relationship with him, a relationship like with a friend. The fact that we do not see him, should not be disconcerting, because he is really present, always taking care of us. We must learn to converse with him and discover his interventions in our life. All this is placed above all at the level of faith. There is nothing sensitive and therefore we have to avoid any esoteric or paranormal curiosity. The teaching of the Church on the Guardian Angels is discreet, because it wants to avoid any deviation which would lead us to esotericism and other dangerous curiosity. However, the Church's belief in the existence of the Guardian Angels is not to be doubted since the Holy Roman Church instituted a feast in honor of the Guardian angels; in 1608 Pope Paul V fixed October 2 as the feast of the Guardian Angels.
We must therefore pray them frequently. You can call them to your help in temptations, in times of trial, and above all do not forget to thank them. Our guardian angels help us without being asked; but if we ask them explicitly with love and confidence, we will enjoy more often their beneficent actions.
The prayer that we put on the right panel of this diptych will help you grow in your devotion to your Guardian Angel. We encourage you to say it frequently. This diptych of the Guardian Angel placed on a bedside table, chest of drawers or other flat surface will remind you to pray your Guardian Angel.

Quotation :

Ange de Dieu qui êtes mon gardien,
vous à qui la Bonté divine m'a confié,
veillez sur moi, éclairez-moi, protégez-moi et gouvernez-moi,
aujourd'hui, tous les jours de ma vie,
spécialement à l'heure de ma mort. Ainsi soit-il.

Data sheet Diptych of The Guardian angel at the Bridge

  • Reference


  • Name of the product

    The Guardian angel

  • Dimension

    open : 22 cm x 15 cm closed : 10,7 cm x 15 cm

  • Manufacturer

    Traditions Monastiques (FRANCE)

  • Right pannel

    une prière à The Guardian angel

  • Left pannel

    Icon of the Guardian angel

  • Material

    wild cherry wood

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