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As the number of religious products dedicated to St. Michael Archangel is quite important (medals, statues, icons, etc ...), we have gathered all these items in one category. These religious articles are nevertheless always present in the classification according to the type of articles: for example, in the category "statues of saints" you...


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... will find all the statues of Saint Michael Archangel on sale on our religious shop. Saint Michael Archangel is quite popular and it is not without reason:

Saint Michael, Chief of Heavenly Armies

In the book of Revelation in chapter XII, St. Michael appears as the leader of the heavenly militia who chased out into the lake of fire Satan and the rebellious angels. The book of Daniel also refers to St. Michael as well as the Epistle of St. Jude. The iconography was therefore taken very early on this subject. You can realize this by looking at the many religious icons dedicated to this holy Archangel and available on our Christian shop. In the Church of the West, worship of Saint Michael is also present from the 4th-5th centuries.
Today, Saint Michael the Archangel is especially invoked against the demons especially in the prayers of exorcism. At the end of the nineteenth century Leo XIII had asked that the priests recite after the prayer "Saint Michael archangel defend in the fight against evil spirits ...". Saint John Paul II asked on Sunday, April 24, 1994, during the Regina Caeli prayer that the faithful take up this prayer:
In France, the worship of Saint Michael is put in a singular honour thanks to the Mont Saint Michel, the epic of Saint Joan of Arc: one of the voices of Saint Joan of Arc was Saint Michael. In addition Saint Michael is one of the patron saints of France as we recalled in an article of our blog:
em The cult of Saint Michel in France

Saint Michel, Patron of the paratroopers

In the twentieth century, devotion to Saint Michael regained popularity because of his new "sponsorship" for paratroopers. It is quite common for a mother or a wife to buy a medal of St. Michael for his son or his spouse who is a paratrooper. It was after the Second World War, in Indochina, that St. Michael the Archangel was officially adopted as patron of paratroopers. We have dedicated two articles of our blogs on this subject:
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Saint Michel officially recognized as the patron saint of paratroopers