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The existence of the guardian angel

The famous Jesuit theologian Suarez (1548 - 1617) wrote: "Although Scripture does not expressly affirm the existence of the guardian angels and that the Church has not...


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... defined this truth, it is however so universally admitted, and so seriously founded on the Scripture interpreted by the Fathers, that one would be very reckless and close to error by denying it ". But since then, the Church's belief in the guardian angels has only strengthened in the liturgy and in the pontifical teaching to the point that it can be said that it is really a mistake to deny the existence of protective angels.

The liturgy

On September 13th, 1670, Pope Clement X fixed the feast of the guardian angels on October 2nd and extended it to the Universal Church. This pontifical act makes the existence of guardian angels as certain.

Popes and Guardian Angels

In considering that the twentieth century the popes have spoken in unequivocal terms not only of a doctrinal view but especially by sharing their personal experience.
Pius XI: "We want to declare it, also to fulfill a duty of gratitude: We have always felt wonderfully assisted by our guardian angel.Very often, we feel that he is there, close to us, ready to help us"
Pius XII: "Everyone, as humble as he could be, has angels to watch over him, they are glorious, pure, splendid, and yet they are given to you as companions of the road, they are charged with carefully watching over you, so that you do not depart from Christ, their Lord ". (October 1958)
John XXIII lived in great familiarity with his guardian angel and often spoke of him: "One must never neglect special devotion to the guardian angel, who stands beside each one of us." (12.26.1962)
John Paul II, during a pastoral visit to the Roman suburbs in April 1986: "May Christ be the center of your existence, the constant orientation of your life, the point of reference for your whole being. Know that for this purpose, there are at your side, your guardian angels who help you. "

Why are the guardian angels?

God has entrusted every man to the guardianship of a tutelary angel. We can glimpse these reasons for this gift of God to men:
- it is consistent with God's wisdom, power, and mercy.
- it is in accordance with the nature of the heavenly spirits who consider themselves happy to be able to imitate the mercy of their Creator and to come to the rescue of their brothers, their images,
- man himself, as much by his weakness and the dangers that threaten him as by his dignity, claims in a way the assistance of angels.

Roles of Guardian Angels

Before detailing their role, the consideration of the different names given to the guardian angel by the Fathers of the Church gives an idea of ​​their function with men.
Some call him the pedagogue, others "a curator, a tutor"; Saint Hilaire respects and venerates him as the "witness" of his life; Saint Basil, is delighted to have beside him "a peaceful help" and a kind companion. St. Gregory Nazianzen is happy to find in his guardian angel a "protector" on the path of life. St. Cyril of Alexandria invokes the "preceptor" who teaches us the worship that we must give back to God and Saint Bernard takes refuge with his "advocate", his "tutor".

The functions of the protecting angel

They can be distinguished as follows:

Our protectors

They keep our body and our life first. They remove the dangers that threaten us: either by removing external objects or dangerous agents, or by suggesting an approach that takes us away from danger. The guardian angels surround us like a rampart.
The solicitude of our guardian angel towards our soul is much greater than towards our body. He protects us against the attacks of the enemy of the human race, against the invisible powers, the demons who want to lead us to hell.

Our supporters

According to St. Bernard our guardian angels come down from heaven to console us, to visit us to help us. The tutelary spirits put themselves at the service of their proteges to relieve them or to help them out.
Here again the guardian angels have more care of the soul than of the body. They continue to inspire souls overwhelmed and helpless the courage to suffer. Martyrs were honored by their guardian angel.
The protective angels support us by reminding us of the littleness of this life, the graces we have received, the reward that will crown our efforts, and the very example of Jesus Christ.

Our guides

The hagiography contains several examples where the guardian angels bring back on the right path their proteges lost in a forest or lost in the mountains.
But more concerned with souls than bodies, protective angels are above all spiritual guides. Sorry to see souls wander far from the truth they give them the benefit of faith. With the disciples of Christ, they want to make saints. They initiate the soul who has entrusted them to the mysteries of God, enlighten them with the eternal light, and teach them the science of divine things. For some souls, the guardian angel is a true spiritual father.
Sometimes severe, but always benevolent, the guardian angel encourages, consoles, stimulates, forms, educates.

Our ambassadors to God.

Mediator between men and God, the guardian angels continue to rise above the heavens to offer our good thoughts, our prayers, our repentances, our sacrifices to God, and then to come back down loaded with benefits. Our guardian angel does not hesitate to join his prayer to ours to make it more effective.

How to live the devotion to our guardian angel

In order to live with your guardian angel a beautiful and true spiritual friendship, we offer seven steps:
- to know: to know the teaching of the church on the guardian angels
- to listen: to know to discern the voice of our protecting angel
- ask him to enlighten us and help us on the path of salvation
- to obey: once the path of the guardian angel has been recognized, it must be followed; often it identifies itself with the path of conscience;
- learn to have a real dialogue with your guardian angel, to live in his company, to live a true friendship
- to devote oneself: It is a way of bonding oneself more and definitely with the guardian angel
- to thank: The guardian angel is a gift of God and completely devoted to us. How many times has he brought us benefits without our knowledge?

We will develop these different stages in the description of religious objects dedicated to the guardian angel.

To know more about the guardian angels you can consult the product sheets of the different religious objects dedicated to the guardian angel. We give more explanation especially on how to live this devotion.