Liturgy and gregorian chant handbook

Despite the small number of books available on our religious shop, dedicated to Catholic liturgy, we thought it was useful to have a category "liturgical books" to facilitate research.
Among the books on the liturgy that we propose, only one is not published by us: "the little office of the Blessed Virgin". As this book is in great demand...



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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

... and is linked to the port of the scapular of Notre Dame du Mont-Carmel, we felt obliged to offer it on our shop of religious objects.
The book on learning Latin is not strictly speaking a liturgical book, but it is intended to help the faithful to understand the Latin liturgy. Recall that Latin is the official language of the Church, that a number of religious communities, including ours, chant the office in Gregorian Latin and that faithful, even among the young, feel attracted by the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. Among the Catholic religious songs Gregorian chant holds the first place.
Our religious shop, which is dedicated to the sale of religious objects and monastic products, has very few liturgical articles; in addition to the collection of Gregorian hours in this category, as other items for the liturgy we have:

- the altar cards for the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. We have created a special category called altar cards which includes all the models manufactured by us.
 - the necessary for the incense, namely, coals, incense, tongs; these items will be in the "Accessories" category. These objects can also very well be used by a layman for his private prayer room.
- the oil lamp, the glass of which is red, can very well serve as a beacon light of the Blessed Sacrament. It is in the "Accessories" category with the oil wicks that are adapted and sold separately.
- A lectern or missal holder, always in the same category "Accessories".

These religious articles, available on our website, are liturgical objects in their own right, although some may be used in outside the liturgy. Conversely, we have religious products that are not strictly liturgical objects but have a very good place in a church or chapel or even in certain liturgical celebrations, such as some of our statues or large religious icons.
With regard to religious icons, it is important to point out that for the Roman Church, the religious icon does not have the same value and use as for the Eastern Churches. For the latter, the religious icon is a sacred object that has a fundamental role in the liturgy. Just think of the iconostasis.