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This category is dedicated to the Gregorian chant CDs, polyphonic singing CDs, and audio CDs about the lives of saints.

Gregorian Chant CD

In this set of Gregorian music CDs you can discover the rich repertoire of Gregorian chant interpreted by different Benedictine abbeys of France. In the subcategory "Other abbeys" of cds Gregorian...


Gregorian CDs 

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Showing 1 - 21 of 97 items

... chants, the represented abbeys are:
- For monks: Notre-Dame de Fontgombault abbey, Notre-Dame de Randol abbey, Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux abbey;
- For the nuns: Notre-Dame de Fidélité abbey of Jouques, Notre-Dame d'Argentan abbey, Immaculate Conception abbey of Pesquié (Ozon), Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation abbey au Barroux.

 We draw your attention to the sub-category Abbey of Triors which presents us a beautiful collection of CD of Gregorian chant covering the whole liturgical year. On our notice for each CD, you may find a link to the site of the abbey of Triors where you can listen to an excerpt of the Gregorian chant CD.

To learn more about Gregorian chant in order to practice it, the Schola Saint Gregoire has published two books that you can buy on our Christian shop:
- Laus In Ecclesia - Learn Gregorian chant

- Laus In Ecclesia Volume II - Learn Gregorian chant

Polyphonic singing CD

The DAC (Dei amoris cantores) group is composed of Catholic students and young professionals who dedicate their talents to the realization and interpretation of polyphonic songs to reach deeply the human heart for the new evangelization. You will find their choral CDs in the subcategory; a third CD should be released soon.

Audio CD, life of saints

For several decades the Abbey of St. Joseph Clairval publishes a four-page letter dedicated to the saints. The "Rassemblement à son Image" Editions started in 2015 to record on CD audio these different texts on the life of the saints. If you wish to learn more about this monthly letter: you can go on our site Monthly letter