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Creating a category for two religious items can be surprising, especially since there is little chance that other Catholic books in Spanish language will be added. The presence of these two books written in Spanish is explained by the activities of the Abbey of St. Joseph Clairval and more specifically by his apostolate related to the...



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... spiritual letter dedicated to the life of a saint whose publication in Spanish has place every five weeks. This letter in Spanish is only the translation of the French original published a few months ago. On our website, you will find letters from previous years. You may notice that it's not just the French and Spanish languages.
In the continuity of this apostolic work and in response to the requests of people who wanted a book on Saint Joseph, we first published in French the book "Saint Joseph époux de Marie", which was written from a book of the nineteenth century. We have simply replaced the stories at the end of each chapter with more recent facts, and we are assured of their authenticity thanks to the help of the little sisters of the Poor, whose General House at Saint Servan is Call St. Joseph's Tower. Our abbey being under the patronage of Saint Joseph, it is normal that we publish such a book.
The second Spanish book is also the translation of a French original written by a monk from our abbey. This Catholic book concerns the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The publication of this book is also related to the activities of our Abbey and more specifically to the work of retreats. At the end of each retreat we propose the imposition of the scapular for those who wish it. This led us to deepen the history, meaning and foundation of devotion to the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the perspective of eternal salvation. This apostolic zeal for the salvation of the neighbor is evidently not limited to those who come to follow a retreat with us, but extends to all; therefore we are committed to spreading this devotion of the scapular. On our Christian shop we have created a category that brings together all the religious objects dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel; It is in the RELIGIOUS THEMES menu.