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In addition to Catholic books available on our Christian shop, we offer two flyers that, strictly speaking, are not books, while being in the field of printing. For this reason we have put them together in a subcategory of the category of Catholic books in French. Among the various items that a shop offers for sale, there are always...


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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

... unclassifiable that must be classified somewhere ... It is possible that, later, this category is expanding because, even in the era digital print still has a role to play.
The interest of printed matter and leaflets, it is their ease to be carried away because of their light weight and their compactness.
The printed matter makes it possible to transmit fundamental truths, a wide diffusion at relatively reduced costs, the print can slip everywhere. St. Francis de Sales, in the XVI-XVII century, had understood this well. For these graces, partly in print slipped under the doors of houses in which he could not enter, but Chablais, a region near Geneva, abandoned the Protestant heresy to return to the Catholic faith; Thus, 40,000 inhabitants of these regions returned to the bosom of the Church. Saint Francis de Sales was the patron of publicists.
The two leaflets that we present to you, concern very different fields. One is a color flyer that explains how to recite the rosary with the twenty mysteries. The other leaflet is the map of the monasteries and abbeys of France. It is interesting to see that, despite declining vocations and fewer members in some communities, there are still many monastic communities, including Cistercians, Benedictines and Trappists. But the future is not very encouraging, and in the coming years some communities will have to close ...
On each product sheet of these two articles, we put several images. In this way you can discover in detail and in a complete way these two leaflets.