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The presence of religious and catholic books in German on our Christian shop, while this shop does not exist in German, may surprise. The reason for this is due to the activities of our abbey, which publishes every five weeks a spiritual letter of four pages also available in German. This publication work led to the publication of Catholic...



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... books, first in French and then in other languages: English, German, Dutch and Spanish. Moreover this spiritual letter is like the complement of the work of preaching retreats; it offers a whole spiritual and doctrinal teaching to people who can not follow a spiritual retreat, because of age, health, remoteness, language, etc ....

These three Catholic books in German reflect the characteristics of our abbey:
- Saint Joseph is the patron saint of our Abbey; this patronage is not just nominal. We have experienced several times his paternal protection. We therefore have a great care to make better known this great saint. In order to respond to the request of some readers of our monthly newsletter we have reissued a book on St. Joseph whose original comes from the nineteenth century. A few years later, this book has been translated into German. The reference of the French book is the same as that of the German book except the last letter which is an "F" for the French version and a "D" for the German version.
- For more than 30 years we have been publishing a four-page monthly letter, as aforementioned, about the life of a saint or a Christian dead in the odor of holiness. On this occasion, we transmit a whole doctrinal teaching in fidelity to the Tradition and the living magisterium of the Church. Over the years, these four pages offer readers a wealth of spiritual, moral and catechetical teaching. We have been suggested to make a book. So we put together in a 120-page book some selected letters. This is the origin of this Catholic book. There is an equivalent in French but it is not the lives of the same saints found in these two books.
- The third Catholic book, dedicated to the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, is still the consequence of another activity of our Abbey: the preaching of spiritual retreats inspired by the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius. At the end of these retreats we propose the imposition of the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. So we thought it was useful to publish a book which explains this devotion, its origin, its privileges and its importance for eternal salvation. We wanted as many people as possible to enjoy it.