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The presence of Catholic religious books in English on our Christian shop is due to two reasons:
- the first, which is common to other languages, is the publication in English of our spiritual letter on the life of the saints. The frequency of publication is five weeks. You will find more details on our clairval.com website: Monthly...



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- the second is the preaching of retreats in English inspired by the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. This apostolate began in 2004 and every year a team of monks from the abbey goes to Ireland, Wales and England.
Since 2007, two monks from our abbey visit Australia every two years for the preaching of retreats. In 2017 a father of our abbey reached the island of Tasmania in the south of Australia in order to found a Benedictine priory ( Notre-Dame monastery ); therefore he shall ensure the continuation of the preaching of spiritual exercises in this country.
The English-language Catholic books on our religious shop are all edited by ourselves. The interest is very limited indeed, to offer for sale on our Christian shop, Catholic books in English language issued from publishing houses other than ours. The reason is that these English-language Catholic book publishers are located outside France: in the United States or in England.
Therefore, to offer their books on our religious items shop obliges these foreign publishers to send us a stock of books, to be sent back abroad because almost all the people who buy English-language Catholic books available on our store Religious live in English-speaking countries. So we could have this scenario: a book published in the United States would be sent to France to be returned to the United States! It would therefore be necessary to pay twice the shipping costs and the sending abroad at a certain cost. For this reason, we limit ourselves to books edited by us.
These books published by Traditions Monastiques are the translation of Catholic books whose original language is French, except for the book of spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius.
Thanks to the reference, it is easy to find the Catholic book in French corresponding to the book in English. The references are indeed the same except for the last letter which indicates the language: "F" for the French language, "E" for the English language; thus the book "Saint Joseph, husband of Mary" whose reference in French language is L1103F, in English language has the reference L1103E.