Polyphonic song of Dei Amoris Cantores

The annual Angels Music Awards reward the best Christian music. For the 1st Edition, which took place on October 17th, 2015, the group Dei Amoris Cantores received the trophy of the best group awarded by the public: Angels Music Awards


The approach of this group of Catholic singers is above all a spiritual one:...


Dei Amoris Cantores 

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... "they thirst for God and want to make him known." their spiritual quest is missionary and pushes them to participate in the new evangelization through the composition of Catholic religious songs.
For that purpose they chose polyphonic singing which, according to them, is a great way to turn hearts towards God. This polyphonic religious song that they propose to us is a sacred song adapted to take its place in the liturgy according to the indications of Benedict XVI for whom sacred music must first of all express holiness, then give the meaning of prayer, and also be characterized by the beauty of forms.
This group of Catholic singers has therefore the ambition to give a new youth, a new beauty to the Catholic religious song. Saint Pius X wanted the liturgy to be beautiful to help the faithful to pray. Given the importance of singing, the influence of singing on the person, it is important that the Catholic religious chant be beautiful, lift the soul and help it to pray.
The Catholic Church already has its official song with Gregorian chant, but it is practiced practically only in monastic communities and in other places on certain great occasions. In parishes, Catholic religious songs are songs in vernacular tongues with a melody created for the occasion. It is often difficult to take the Gregorian melodies in French for instance because, in some way, they marry the genius of the Latin language with its emphasis that is never at the end of the word as it is the case in French for instance. These are melodies adapted or created for Catholic religious songs in French that we find in vernacular liturgy. But unfortunately, these musical creations are inspired too much by the profane spirit and sacrificed too much to the fashion of the day according to the statement of Pope Francis on the occasion of the 50th centenary of Musicam Sacram: "sometimes prevailed a certain mediocrity, superficiality and banality, to the detriment of the beauty and intensity of liturgical celebrations "(March 4, 2017)
For Tanguy Dionis du Séjour, this religious song of the parishes needed a renovation, because according to him, it does not reach the goal of the Catolic religious song to raise the soul to God. A talented musician himself, he set to work composing music and speeches with the help of a brother of Saint John and friends. This work has given for the moment three CDs available on our Christian shop. They release a new CD every two years.