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In this category we have gathered all the religious objects dedicated to St. Christopher: icons, key rings and car plate. For the moment there are no medals of St. Christopher, but it is possible that in a more or less near future we offered for sale this religious object.
St. Christopher is a saint about the life of whom we know very...


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... little. Some even question his existence, but it is exaggerated, because we know at least that Saint Christopher is a saint martyr of the 3rd century whose existence is proven. But to his life, over time, a number of facts have been added that come from the legend. For more information on this subject you can consult our blog on which you will find five articles devoted to Saint Christopher, his life, his legend, his patronage, his cult:
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It is surprising that a saint, of whom, to tell the truth, we do not know much concerning his life, has acquired such popularity today. As everyone knows, he owes his patronage in favor of motorists. On this subject we refer you to an article of our blog:
Saint Christophe in the 20th century
Due to the development of the automobile, it seems that St. Christopher is a patron saint reserved for drivers. But it is not so, the patronage of St. Christopher extends to every traveler. If you go for a long hike or bike ride, St. Christopher is your companion; You can attach to your backpack a key ring of St. Christopher so you do not forget it during your trip. If you travel by plane you can of course put yourself under the protection of Our Lady of Loreto, officially patron of airmen since Pope Pius XI, but you can also pray to St. Christopher for your flight to go smoothly even more so that in a plane crash there are usually no survivors. There is no jealousy in Heaven.
We can added that in the anglo-saxon culture, Saint Christoph is invoked for the lost things. An icon of Saint Christopher, is a gift that suits those who bear this name of great symbolic richness: "Christ-Bearer".
Through communion we become all Christ-bearers. When we proclaim the Gospel we are also "Christ-bearers" because we carry Christ to other men who do not yet know Him. We can also be Christ-Bearers without knowing it when, through our behavior like a Christian, people are touched by the grace of Christ and because of our example are converted.