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Prayer cards are laminated images of the size of a bank card with one side an image and on the other a text, usually a prayer; these religious articles are well adapted for an apostolate in the streets, in the gatherings, etc .... They are sold in pack of 50 images; from 500 copies for the same model (10 packs of 50), we offer a decreasing...


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Showing 1 - 21 of 61 items

... price: 9 € (the package of 50 prayer cards) instead of 12 € ttc.
In addition to the uniform lots of 50 prayer cards, we have added "variegated" batches including 50 copies:

- 50 different models including a copy of each model: CB50MODEL50A
- 25 different models in 2 copies each: CB10MODEL50B
- 5 different models in 10 copies each: CB5MODEL50A

/p On the product sheet of these variegated lots you will find the list of models that we have chosen to form these batches.

If none of these lots are right for you or if you want a more specific variegated lot, do not hesitate to contact us because we are able to add new ones variegated lots; given the number of models of prayer cards we have, it is quite possible to create other lots that are more relevant than the ones we currently offer on our religious shop.
If you are interested in a specific model of cards that you can not find on our religious shop, you can contact us, we are able to print other models following the suggestions that can be made to us.
if you want to buy prayer cards individually, you can go to:
- on the religious shop "Christian Images", dedicated to the sale of religious images: Single prayer card
- on the site "Books in families":